Suncare Spray SPF 30


14,57 €

Spray for high skin protection from the sun


SUNMED®  protective body spray provides optimum protection, especially for sensitive and intolerant skin. The photostable UV filter system offers high UVA and UVB photo protection. Enriched with the extract of Centella asiatica that helps to rejuvenate the skin, thereby preventing the damage and aging of the skin caused by the sunlight. Lightweight liquid textures are easy to apply and quickly absorb without leaving white traces and greasy film on the skin. The special formula additionally nourishes the skin and makes it soft. Suitable for all skin types. Spray does not contain parabens, silicone, phenoxyethanol and methylsothiazolinone.



Net quantity 150 ml


  • transparent effect                                                                                 
  • with centella asiatica extract
  • no white traces
  • non-greasy film on the skin
  • WITHOUT parabens, silicone, phenoxyethanol and methlysothiazolinone
  • WITHOUT octocrylene, avobenzone and oxybenzone