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Tvornica Apipharma

The company Apipharma Ltd. has grown from the old, regionally traditional, craft industry enterprise of beekeeping and mead and gingerbread making under the name of Apimarket. In 1996 it became a pharmaceutical commercial company. Since that year the company has been focused on the production of dietary supplements and special purpose cosmetics, natural pharmaceutical products...

The company's tradition dates back to 1974 when its products were exhibited for the first time and... Read more


  • Herpasan lipstick

    Thanks to highly valuable ingridients protects, repairs and nourishes the delicate and sensitive lips, leaving them soft and hydrated. Net quantity: 4,5 g

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  • Apivit multi

    Apivit® liquid food supplement with honey, vitamins and minerals is recommended as a food supplement especially in winter and spring, for children suffering from low immunity, for overtired school children suffering from a lack of concentration and fatigue. Honey with all its properties is a...

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  • Vitarojal forte 2000mg

    Vitarojal® forte 2000 mg has a pleasant taste on pear that is well accepted by children and adults. Product can be used directly from vial or it can be diluted in glass of water or juice. It is recommended to use product for strengthening of organism in periods when colds, viral infections and...

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  • Propolisan

    Propolisan® liquid food supplement contains propolis and vitamin C which contributes to normal functioning of immune system. It is recommended for people who suffer from cold, flu, viral infections as vitamin supplement to conventional treatment. Net quantity 100 ml Instructions for...

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  • Apiglukan imunomax

    Apiglukan® ImunoMax is a liquid food supplement that contains highly valuable products of nature, honey and propolis, which have been known as a elixir of health since ancient times. The main ingredient of the product is (1-3), (1-6) -beta-D-glucan, obtained by extraction from the yeast...

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  • Apivit MULTI FORCE film tablets

    APIVIT multi force pills complex product that contains minerals, vitamins, micronutrients, coenzyme Q10, rosehip extract, choline and Inositol. Prolonged absorption film tablet allows for more efficient use with a continual release of active ingredients into the body. Copper, zinc, vitamins; B6,...

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Announcement: Exhibition at CPHI Madrid 2018

Like every year, Apipharma is also exhibiting this year at the prestigious CPHI, the world's...

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Held Argentine-Croatian economic forum

During the official visit the President of the Croatian Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic Republic of...

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