Rinosan nasal spray

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Medical device

Rinosan® nasal spray normalizes the function of nasal mucous membrane on a natural way. Finely dispersed isotonic solution, allows action on the entire surface of the nasal mucous membrane. Its composition helps to establish the natural pH and nasal mucosa hydration, as well as the dissolution of dried mucous and accumulated dirt for easier breathing. Rinosan® nasal spray is recommended for daily hygiene of mucous membrane of children and adults, while staying in air-conditioned rooms, while exposed to dust and harmful atmospheric effects, while staying in dry and warm rooms (central heating), for symptoms of allergic  rhinitis and colds.

Net quantity 30 ml

Instructions for use
Spray Rinosan® nasal spray into both nostrils as required. One spray into each nostril is adequate to moisten dry mucosa. To remove dry secretion from the nose, spray into both nostrils liberally. Put absorbed cotton into the nostrils to prevent the liquid from flowing out until dry secretion softens.