Rinosan mint nasal spray

Medical device

Rinosan® mint nasal spray normalizes the function of nasal mucous membrane on a natural way. Finely dispersed isotonic solution, allows action on the entire surface of the nasal mucous membrane. Its composition helps to establish the natural pH and nasal mucosa hydration, as well as the dissolution of dried mucous and accumulated dirt for easier breathing. The addition of  menthol and eucalyptus oils contributes to a pleasant feeling of freshness after use.

Net quantity 30 ml

Instructions for use
Remove the protective cap. Insert the tip of the nasal spray into one nostril, press the pump and breathe gently. For the hydration  of the nasal mucous membrane, one spray per nostril several times a day is sufficient. To treat nasal congestion, spray Rinosan® mint once or twice into both nostrils and repeat several times a day.