Rectonal® Lubricant for additional anal hygiene

Cosmetics for special purpose

Rectonal® contains specially processed non-alcoholic extracts of propolis and chamomile. The biologic activity of propolis is well known and scientifically established. Propolis has an antibacterial, antifungal, antivirotic, topically anaesthetic (pain-killing), anti-inflammatory, biostimulative and epithelising effect. In addition, chamomile extract heightens the antiinflammatory effect of propolis. Rectonal® is a rich lubricant, which when applied creates a thin protective film which protects the sensitive mucosa of the rectum. Rectonal® is recommended in case of difficult and irregular defecation, usually accompanied by hard feces (in children, pregnant women and persons of other age groups), in case of itching, irritation and minor injuries of the anal opening, when introducing a rectal thermometer or enema, during rectal examination.

Net quantity 40 g

Instructions for use
Apply Rectonal® 2-3 times per day to the clean anal opening. The lubricant can also be applied using an applicator placed at the tube instead of the cap. Before use, please remove the protective cap from applicator tip. Rectonal® can be used before and after defecation. When introducing a rectal thermometer or enema the part which is introduced into the anus needs to be abundantly greased with the lubricant.