Optavid® Eye drops


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Medical device

Optavid® eye drops are sterile solution for the humidification and lubrication of the eyes, with a physiological pH, based on  distilled water (hydrolat) from Cornflower, distilled water (hydrolat) from Chamomile flowers and sodium hyaluronate, they are preservative free. Sodium hyaluronate creates a steady, stable and resistant protective film on the cornea that protects it from harmful environmental effects, allergens and free radicals and does not reduce the ability of sight. Distilled water (hydrolat) from Cornflower due to its natural moisturizing properties, moisturizes and lubricates the eye and reduces the redness of the eye. Natural distilled water (hydrolat) from Chamomile, thanks to its natural anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties, helps with irritated, red and tired eyes. The combination of ingredients makes Optavid® eye drops ideal product to relieve dryness and redness of the eye arising from the harmful environmental impacts (wind, sun, dry air, salt water, smoke, excessive light, air
conditioning, heating, long computer use) and frequent and prolonged use of contact lenses. Supreme OSD (Ophthalmic Squeeze Dispenser) packaging technology enables unrivalled microbiological safety and assures the sterility of the solution up to 3 months after opening.

Net quantity 10 ml

Instructions for use
1. Before first use, remove safety ring.
2. Remove the protective cap.
3. Press the tank and pour two or three Optavid® eye drops as often as needed.
Close the bottle after use. Use the content of the bottle within three months after first opening. Drops are suitable for frequent use, even several times a day, depending on the actual need or a specific physician recommendation. People who wear contact lenses can use drops without removing the lens from eyes during use.