Hemopropin ointment

Medical device

Hemopropin® ointment provides protective film for decreasing the rectal mucosa irritation and painful defecation. Hemopropin®  ointment creates protective film on the damaged rectum mucosa and thus facilitates the unpleasant symptoms caused by  hemorrhoids (flatulence, pain, burning, itching), which are usually the result of secondary inflammation in the anal area. The resulting film prevents contact between the stool and damaged mucosa. With facilitated defecation (without pain and strain),  mucosa recovers very quickly.

Net quantity 20 g

Instructions for use
During the acute periods, apply Hemopropin® ointment on clean anorectal area in the morning and in the evening. Later, when symptoms relieve apply only in the evening. It can also be applied by using applicator put on the tube instead of the cap. Before use, remove the protector from the applicator`s top.



Hemopropin ointment