Apipol ointment

Medical device

Apipol® ointment helps in dehydrated, mildly irritated and reddened skin, in diaper rash, after insect and jellyfish stings, in minor  surface skin injuries and mild burns. It moisturizes and soothes dehydrated skin. By creating a protective film,it accelerates the healing of minor injuries, scratches and burns. It is used to soothe the irritated skin after a long stay in the sun, it helps in diaper rash and prevents its formation. In case of broken capillaries it reduces itching and discomfort and it is used to soften hard skin on elbows and heels. It soothes the skin after insect bites and jellyfish and anemones stings.

Net quantity 20 g

Instructions for use
Apply the ointment to the problematic area two to three times a day to create a protective film. Gently massage in the ointment in case of broken capillaries. In case of children’s diaper rash, thicker application of the ointment is recommended.